The historic city of Trogir is located on a small island, separated from inland by just a couple of small bridges. 

It has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for the reason that is has "conserved its urban fabric to an exceptional degree and with the minimum of modern interventions".

Not just that Trogir has a lot to offer for anyone interested in cultural history, it has numerous cozy outdoor restaurants for those who like to just dine and have a few drinks in the utmost beautiful settings.

Split is just 27 kilometers away, and the Split airport is located between these two destinations. So if you are going to fly here, it could be a good idea to stay in both and have a multi-centre holiday.

Where to stay in Trogir

Most of the hotels and apartments are located in the old town (the island), and that's the best choice. Or close to the bridges on either side of the island.

Although the old town is very touristy in the high season, so if you want to live more like a local, it could be best to search for an apartment elsewhere.

If not staying in the old town:
On the mainland side the terrain is flat, and there are a couple of supermarkets and a big marketplace.
The Otok Čiovo side (the big island) is hilly and there aren't too many restaurants or grocery stores.

Things to do in and around Trogir

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Trogir Cathedral of St. Lawrence is a magnificent Venetian basilica and a landmark in Trogir. The Bell tower can be seen from everywhere and it offers great views around the area.

Boat tours

Croatia is famous for its beautiful islands and coastline. Whether you'd like to rent a boat, take part in a boat tour, or hire a skipper for your private island hopping or swimming and snorkeling, there are options for every taste.

Kamerlengo Castle

On the edge of the old town is a stand-alone old castle. It is mostly just walls, towers and an inner yard, which is a venue for performances in the summer. There is an entrance fee to get inside the castle. The view is good, but otherwise there isn't much to see.


There are several pebble beaches around the Trogir area, but none right beside the old town.

  • East of the picture 16 on the map (if you move it a little) is found one beach within walking distance. No name I guess, but the yellow "sand" on the map marks the spot.
  • And one bigger, called Pantana beach, about one kilometer further to the east of the previously mentioned beach.
  • On the south side there is a very small beach for sunbathing and swimming, about 600 meters east of the picture number 17, just after the piers.
  • A couple of kilometers west of the old town begins a long stretch of pebble beaches with many services, east of the village called Seget Donji. It's a 10-minute ferry ride away from Trogir.
  • On Čiovo island there is a long Cobacabana beach with several beach bars near the town Okrug Gornji. The distance from Trogir is about 2 kilometers.

How to get there

Trogir is only about 6 kilometers from Split Airport and a taxi cost about 100-120 kunas (13-16 euros) in summer 2016.
Taxis don't go all the way to the Trogir center though, since there are no roads for cars. The taxi stand is by the bridge, opposite to the bus station and next to the supermarket Konzum. Close to picture number 15 on the map.

And opposite side of the street is the bus station

Weather in Trogir

Winter: The weather in Trogir in the winter is typical Mediterranean winter weather. The temperatures are mild, the air is damp and it rains often. The average temperatures go around 10-15 °C.  

Spring: Spring is a great time to visit Trogir. The temperature is on average goes close to 20°C and May is already a very warm month with temperatures going constantly over 20°C. The evenings aren’t that warm in early spring, so it’s still good to have a coat with you. There is often a cold wind blowing during the early spring months. The spring months are as well less rainy than the winter and autumn months. 

Summer: From June to August the sunshine is pretty much guaranteed and it gets hot. The temperature in Trogir climbs up to 30 °C and over.

Autumn: September is still a warm month and it’s often beach weather still during that month. The temperature in September stays clearly above 20 °C. September is still a lot rainier month than August. In mid-October the weather cools down to under 20 °C and the rains are even more frequent. October and November are the rainiest months of the year.  

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