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White sandy beaches, laid-back way of life and a rich history -

Three excellent reasons to travel to Portugal!

About Portugal

In addition to Lisbon and Porto, the favorite destinations in Portugal are mainly beach resorts. However, there are a few historic inland towns attracting some tourists.

The best-known beach destinations are concentrated to Algarve in southern Portugal. The beaches of Algarve are constantly rated among the best in Europe. The destinations of Algarve include, for example, Lagos, Portimao (Praia da Rocha) and Albufeira.

Near Lisbon, there are various types of holiday destinations, such as the coastal towns of Cascais and Estoril, and the fabulous town of Sintra that is famous for its castles and palaces.

Porto in the north of the country has beaches within the city. Close to Porto, there are other nice beach resorts as well, such as Espinho and Vila do Conde. The Douro Valley unfolding from Porto to inland contains different destinations, mainly involving vineyards and cozy towns.

The lush holiday island, Madeira, and the volcanic island group, the Azores, are also Portuguese holiday destinations, which are both located out in the Atlantic Ocean.

Population Approx. 10.3 m.
Capital Lisbon
Language Portuguese
EU country Yes
Schengen country Yes
Plug type C (European model)
Currency Euro

In summer, temperatures vary strongly between different areas of the country. On the northern coast, such as in Porto, temperatures remain between 20-30°C. Only a hundred kilometers towards inland, however, daytime temperatures can easily be 10 degrees higher. Temperatures tend to increase towards the south, both inland and along the coast. However, the inland temperatures will always remain higher than the coastal temperatures, including Algarve in the very south.

Since most holiday destinations of Portugal are located on the coast, they are cooler than, for example, Mediterranean destinations. The temperature of the Atlantic Ocean doesn’t reach that of the Mediterranean, and there’s a cool breeze from the Atlantic towards the coastal towns even when the weather is hot.

Coastal winters are mild with pretty much rain. Daytime temperatures are between 10-20°C.

On average, Portugal is somewhat cheaper than European destinations, except for clothes and shoes, which rank slightly above the European average.

According to statistics, Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world for tourists. As always, it’s good to pay attention to basic safety issues, such as protecting yourself against pickpockets.

Map of Portugal

Gate98 destinations in Portugal

Espinho is a cozy holiday destination by the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is ideal for a relaxed beach holiday in summer.

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Matosinhos is a town in the district of Porto. It is known as the center of surfing in the area and famous for its excellent fish restaurants. The spacious beach of Matosinhos consists of fine and light sand.

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A visit to Porto could be the combination of a city break and a beach holiday; the beaches are situated close to the center. The convenient summer climate on the northern coast guarantees a successful city holiday in one of the coziest cities in Europe.

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