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Ulcinj is not just about idyllic old town with sturdy walls on a hill. Instead, it’s a mixture of a picturesque medieval town and sandy beaches.

Ulcinj is the southernmost town in the Adriatic sea. It's also one of the oldest towns of the coast, dating back to a few centuries BCE. What better way to learn about its history than by visiting the Ulcinj Museum in the Old Town. There are no shops inside the Old Town walls; instead it’s dedicated to restaurants, hotels and holiday apartments, which makes it all the more attractive.

In front of the town, there’s a small beach with fine sand. There’s more to the beach life of Ulcinj a few kilometers eastwards, where the Long Beach begins its stretch all the way to the border of Albania.

Where to stay

The prime areas to look for a hotel room/apartment include the Old Town, the central beach, and the vicinity of the main shopping street, marked with a red line on the map.

The beach promenade is the only flat area in Ulcinj. Even the aforementioned shopping street is in fact a 900-meter long uphill towards the very center of the town, which in turn is the starting point to a broader street going downhill.

Things to do in Ulcinj

The Old Town

The Old Town of Ulcinj is a maze of narrow alleys and staircases. The borders of the area offer magnificent views - from the eastern end towards the beach, and from the western end towards the sea and the sunset. The Old Town is certainly worth a visit, even if you don’t accommodate in the area. While you’re at it, you might as well enjoy a good meal there.

Ulcinj Museum

The museum is situated at the northern entrance of the Old Town. This approximately 2500-year-old small area contains different attractions, such as an archaeological museum inside a church, an ethnographic museum and ruins of a village.

Velika Plaza - Long Beach

The beach in the center is packed with sunbathers during the busiest hours. Thus, the 13-kilometer-long Velika Plaza is a good option at those times - as it is at any other time as well. The beach is divided into sections, each with a bar/restaurant, deck chairs and other services.

While you can get there on foot, the easiest way is by a taxi. The distance to the beach is under 5 kilometers from the top end of the red line on the map. There’s a sidewalk throughout the route, and it’s flat ground except for the town center. On the map, there’s a shorter route, partially a coastal trail, following the shore. However, that route is not recommended due to snakes.

If you’re taking a taxi, it’s advisable to decide beforehand as to which section of the beach you’re aiming for.

Other beaches

On both sides of the central beach, there are small coves which can be seen on the map.

Ladies Beach, a beach solely dedicated to women, is situated east of the central beach. Its sulfur rich water is claimed to have positive health effects. Along the road, there’s at least one beach club and beach areas belonging to hotels. West of the Old Town, there are a couple of stone beaches within walking distance.


The main shopping street is marked with a red line on the map. The closer to the beach you are, the more there’s touristy stuff on offer. Good-quality clothing stores etc. are situated higher up the street away from the beach.

From the upper end of the shopping street towards the east, there’re more non-touristy services also used by the locals. During daytime, there’s also a bazaar area along the broader road near the crossing at the end of the red line on the map.

The Old Town contains no shops.

Price level

Ulcinj is more affordable than the more famous destinations northwards. Meals can be found for 2-3 euros.

Food establishments vary from kebab-pizzerias to high-level restaurants in the Old Town. Below, there are some examples of restaurant prices.



Steak dinner

33 cl beer





From the airports to Ulcinj

The airport of the capital Podgoriga is situated 73 kilometers away. Check for bus timetables and tickets here: busticket4.me.

The distance to Tivat airport near Kotor bay is 86 kilometers.

A well-proven taxi company: terraecar.com.


Winter: Winters are cool and cloudy/rainy. As such Ulcinj is a summer destination and not recommendable in winter.

Spring: In march, it rains somewhat less, but it’s not warm yet. In April, 20°C is exceeded regularly, and possibly even 30°C, but evenings remain cool. In May, the weather is typically summery, but sometimes unpredictable.

Summer: Summers are hot with scarce rainfall, especially in July-August. In June, daily highs reach 30°C, while in July-August they typically exceed 30°C and may get close to 40°C. At nights, temperatures are in the range of 20-25°C.

Fall: The amount of rain begins to increase in September, and October has the most rain of the year. In September, temperatures remain rather summery. Even in November temperatures may remain above 20°C.

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