Comino Malta



Comino is a tiny and arid island between main island of Malta and the Gozo island. The main attraction of Comino is the Blue Lagoon, which is a beautiful lagoon with crystal clear water and white sand.

The western side of Comino offers easy trails for hiking with wonderful views to the sea. There are hardly any buildings on the island, excluding an old watch tower and an old military barrack in the southeast, and an old church and a hotel on the north side of the island. The east side is completely untouched, so if you're truly seeking to go off the beaten path, that's where to go.

Things to do in Comino

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a shallow area of turquoise clear water between the islands of Cominotto and Comin0. Though the surround area is mainly rocky, on the both sides of the lagoon you find narrow strips of sandy beach. Therefore it's not ideal for the smallest children, but rather for adults. It's a perfect spot for enjoying a drink in a stunning scenery.

The water there is shallow but gets deep after a while. You have to do some swimming to get over to the other side of the lagoon. Be careful in windy weather, since the underwater currents can be strong and have surprised many tourists. There are lifeguards during the summertime and warning signs of the dangerous currents, but if you're going during autumn or winter, it's better to stay in the shallow water.

There are food trucks just behind the lagoon where you get snacks and cold drinks. There are also payable lockers and bathrooms.

Blue Lagoon can be crowded in the summertime, but there is plenty of room elsewhere on the island.

Other beaches in Comino

  • Santa Maria Bay in the northeastern tip of Comino has a fine beach. During the winter and the spring, it looks like this, but the seaweed will be cleaned for the summer season. It's a nice alternative if the Blue Lagoon seems too crowded for you. You'll also find some basic services at the beach, such as sun decks.
  • On the north side of the Blue Lagoon you'll find plenty of rock based beach for sunbathing.

Water Sports

You find jet skis, kayaks and other fast rides on inflatable things that are pulled behind a high-speed boat. Comino Dive Center works at the Comino Hotel and Bungalows in the northern tip of the island (website).

How to get there

There are fast boats going to Comino from Cirkewwa Harbor (Malta) and from Mgarr Harbor (Gozo). The fast boats take around 15-25 minutes from Cirkewwa to Comino and cost around 10€ a return ticket. You can buy tickets either online or directly at the quay. Tickets aren't bound for any certain departure times, but you can take a boat whenever it suits you and there is room on the boat. There are several fast boat companies operating that route.

Another option for getting to Comino is to take a cruise departing from Sliema, Bugibba or Mellieha Bay. These cruises are more expensive than the direct fast boats, since they take passengers to the the best spots on the way and can also visit Gozo for a short stay. Some of them include food and drinks in the price of the ticket. There are several cruise companies operating to Comino.