Imagine driving down a serpentine mountain road, with turquoise Adriatic Sea shining bright in the distance - Welcome to Budva!

The tiny town of Budva, surrounded by mountains and the sea, is a great place for a holiday to recharge your batteries. In Budva, you’re in for a great number of sunny days, crystal clear waters and a variety of affordable restaurants, bars & nightclubs to enjoy.

The charming Old Town that was rebuilt stone by stone after an earthquake in 1979 gives a nice contrast to the recently built hotels and shops.

Where to stay in Budva

Slovenska Plaza beach and Old Town are the places where you have the best selection of bars, clubs and restaurants. You have a broad selection of hotels and holiday apartments in that area, and as such it is a safe bet for convenient accommodation. The promenade starting from Dukley Marina has lots of cafés and restaurants to spend time right by the sea.

Things to do in Budva

Stari Grad (Old Town)

St. Ivan Church is the most iconic landmark of Budva, rising high in the Old Town. Due to the high Old Town walls and the surrounding crystal-clear waters, there’s a close resemblance to Dubrovnik.

Some sources claim that Budva may even be 2500 years old. Two earthquakes have shaken the Old Town twice, in 1979 for the last time, after which it was completely rebuilt.

The marble stone streets inside the walls are filled with artisan handicraft shops, jewelry shops, bars and restaurants. Undeniably, the old town is very touristy. Even an Irish bar has found its way into a corner. It’s not a big area, so you’ll get familiar with it in just an hour or two.

The furthest corner of the old town is occupied by a Citadel. For entrance, an admission fee is collected. There’s a ”balcony” in the front tip of the citadel to take unforgettable pictures of your holiday, or to enjoy the great view to Sveti Nikola island. For the same entrance fee, you also get access to a small library.

Sveti Nikola

Sveti Nikola Island
Sveti Nikola Island in front of Budva is a popular day trip destination.

St. Nikola island is just a nautical mile away from the shore of Budva. This 2-kilometer long island has great beaches, which makes it a popular destination for sunbathers. There are taxi boats from Slovenska Plaža to St. Nikola and back. Just remember to check the timetables, since the last boats tend to leave at around 6pm.

Budva Theatre City

During the summer months, the town turns into a theatre as the Budva Theatre City Festival is opened. This traditional festival has been ongoing for 20 years. There is a big number of performances by domestic and international artists in such fascinating scenery – picturesque squares, churches, ancient basilica, which are all at the very heart of the old town.

Museum of the Town of Budva

This museum originates back to 1962 as it started to compose archaeological collections of materials, discovered on the excavations between 1957 and 1958. The discoveries were exceptionally valuable and rich after an earthquake in 1979, resulting in 2,500 historical artifacts from the Budva necropolis. The massive collection of artifacts from Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine Slavic times are now on display in over 4 stories in the museum for the visitors to admire.

Budva beaches in the town area

The coastline in front of Budva offers various beaches of sand & pebbles with turquoise clear waters. You will find a selection from smaller coves to wider open beaches by the 3 kilometer long seaside.

Mogren beach 1 & 2

Budva, Montenegro
Mogren beach 1 near the Budva Old Town.

Mogren beaches 1 & 2 are two small beach stretches located some 500 meters to the west from the Old Town. Both beaches are sheltered by steep hillside with dense pine trees, which gives a feeling of a stranded beach.

Mogren 2 beach can be accessed from Mogren 1 beach through a tunnel in the rock, so it's easy to switch the beach if you like.

  • Beach bar on both beaches
  • Deck chair hire on both beaches

Old Town Beach (Gradska plaža)

The Old Town beach lies just behind the walls of the Old Town on the west side of the rampart. The sand stretch is covered by sun decks and beach bar tables during the summertime. The benefit of the beach is the accessibility and the restaurant services right next to the beach.

  • Beach bars and restaurants
  • Deck chair hire

Slovenska Plaza Beach

The narrow but long Slovenska Plaza Beach stretches out to a 1,6 kilometer long straight that covers the bay of Budva. You'll find a multitude of restaurants and cafés just behind the beach stretch where to enjoy lunch. Most of the hotels in Budva are located along the beach or just behind it.

  • Beach bars and restaurants
  • Deck chair hire

Prices in Budva

Compared to elsewhere in Europe, the price level in Montenegro is below the average, which is why Budva is an attractive destination especially for low budget holidays. The essentials of travel, such as prices of food & drinks in restaurants and hotel accommodation, are quite affordable in Budva. Hotel prices jump up in May as the high season starts and holidaymakers start flocking in.

Below, there are some examples of restaurant and hotel prices in Budva. Costs of hotel rooms are median prices at


Pizza in restaurant

Steak in restaurant

33 cl beer in restaurant

Hotel room, 3-4* (April)

Hotel room, 3-4* (July)







Find the right price for you from's Hotel Map.

How to get there

There are two international airports nearby - Tivat (30 km from Budva) and Podgorica (50 km from Budva).

Tivat airport:

Taxi: A taxi trip from the airport costs somewhere between 15-30 euros, depending on your negotiation skills. It’s advisable to order the taxi in advance and get the price fixed. This way you should get a taxi for 15 euros. A taxi journey from Tivat airport to Budva takes approximately 25 minutes.

Taxi company:

Public bus: There are no public buses or shuttle buses available to Budva directly from the airport. Instead, you have to walk 500 meters to the highway Jadranska magistral and catch a bus from there. The buses go every 30-45 min past the airport and cost only 3-4 euros. You can check schedules from Getbybus. The bus takes you to Budva bus station which is about 15-minute walk away from the Old Town.

Podgorica airport:

Taxi: A taxi trip from Podgorica airport to Budva costs around 40-60 euros, depending on your negotiation skills. Here again, it’s advisable to order the taxi in advance and get the price fixed for 40 euros. The journey takes around 70 minutes.

Public bus: There are no public bus connections available from Podgorica airport. You have to take a taxi straight to Budva or to Podgorica bus station. It costs 10 euros and takes 15 minutes. From Podgorica bus station, there are constant bus connections to Budva which cost around 5-6 euros and take from 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Weather in Budva

Budva is surrounded by sea and mountains, which makes the climate slightly warmer than in the capital Podgorica, that is located on highlands.Budva


Winter temperatures in Budva are mild, on average somewhere close to 10°C on the daytime. It’s still breezy in the evenings, and in the night-time the temperatures may drop below zero. It rains quite often in the wintertime.


In March and April, the temperatures can rise close to 20°C and even above. You still need a jacket in the mornings and evenings. The sea is still too cold for swimming, unless you bear cold temperatures. Rains occur less frequently. In May, there are already beach temperatures, and the thermometer climbs easily over 20 °C daily.


June is probably the nicest month of all for a visit. In June, the temperatures climb often to 30°C, but not much over it. July and August are the hottest and driest months and the temperature in the shade can be close to 40°C.


Early autumn is still very warm, and the beach season continues till mid-October, when the temperature begins to drop to 20°C and below. The average rain fall increases the further you go into the autumn. November is the rainiest month of the year in Budva.

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