Margaret Island

Margaret Island


Margaret Island is situated in the middle of the River Danube, north of Budapest. The large island is within walking distance from the city center via Margaret Bridge, but there are several options for public transport as well.

From a distance, Margaret island seems as though it’s mainly covered with forest, but the amount of attractions on the island is just amazing. And yet, there are plenty of wide grass areas around, perfect for a picnic.

Few-hour day trips are the most usual way to visit Margaret Island. However, the island may also serve as a good option for a longer stay, since there are a couple of hotels as well. The distance between the hotels and the Deák Ferenc Square in the city center is five kilometers.

Attractions on Margaret Island

  • Two hotels Danubius Health Spa Resort and Danubius Grand Hotel and Island Hostel (links to
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Athletics stadiumMargaret Island
  • Alfred Hajos Swimming stadium
  • Palatinus Open-air baths (web page)
  • Water tower with a viewing place at the top (in the summertime most of what you'll see are tree tops) and a restaurant at the ground level.
  • Open-air theater
  • Musical fountain
  • Rose garden
  • Japanese garden
  • Small Pet Zoo - more information:
  • Medieval ruins
  • Almost non-stop running track around the island


While it’s comfortable to walk on the island, you’re in for a long haul to see everything by foot. Even the straight-line distance across the island is 2,5 kilometers. There are several places to rent a vehicle though, a multi person bicycle being a popular choice.

Musical Fountain on Margaret Island

Musical Fountain - Margaret Island - Budapest
Musical Fountain gives a show with music and lights during the summer nights

In the summertime, one of the main attractions on Margaret Island is the musical fountain. While it’s a typical fountain most of the time, it turns into a show with music and lights (in the dark) a few times a day.

The music types vary from classical to rock music; Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky can suddenly change to Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns n' Roses, and the shapes and lights of the fountain adjust accordingly.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube, if you wish to take a closer look.

There are some shows in the daytime, but the main show should start at 21.00. It's already dark then, but with the light show it's more impressive than during the day.

How to get to Margaret Island

  • There’s a bus route through the island, and you can exit at several stops.
  • A Tram takes you to the Margaret Bridge, just in front of the island.
  • The nearest metro stop is at Nyugati train station. The distance from there to the island is one kilometer.
  • If you accommodate by the river, a ferryboat is also an option. There's a stop on the eastern side of the island, close to the Margaret Bridge. The stop is called Margitsziget, Centenáriumi emlékmű.

Timetables for all options: Just click on the icon of your choice for different kinds of transportation.


The map below gives you the best overall idea what Margaret Island is like. Just zoom in on the map. Change to the satellite mode at the upper left corner, if it shows as a normal map.

The hotels are situated in the northern end, a spa in the middle and sports venues in the south.

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