Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill


Gellert Hill and the Liberty Statue on top of it are famous landmarks in Budapest. The hill is perfectly located right next to the city center, between Liberty Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge on the Buda side of the city.

Gellert Hill offers the best views over Budapest. There are other attractions as well, such as the Gellért Hill Caves with a church inside. Primarily, however, the hill serves as a great viewing place. It’s also a good place to get away from the buzz of the city for a while.

Things to do in Gellert Hill

Cave Church

Inside the Gellert Hill natural caves, there's a unique church that is worth visiting. It's an active church, and there are daily services during which it is closed for tourists. They charge an admission fee at the entrance. The cave is located by the Liberty Bridge, opposite of the Gellért Spa Hotel. You can see the entrance and the route to walk there in this image.

Gellert Hill - Budapest
The Statue of Evil on Gellert Hill - Budapest

Statues at Gellert Hill

On the top the Gellert Hill, there’s also a citadel from the 19th century, but it’s been closed for visitors for a while now. It's not clear as to when it’ll be reopened again.

The top of the hill is usually packed with tourists in the summertime, especially at sunset, however, there’s hardly anyone there. While the sun sets in the side of the hill, it ascends right across the horizon on the opposite side of Budapest, giving an uninterrupted view - along with some peace and quiet.

Pictures 5-12 in the gallery below were taken at sunrise.

How to get to the top of the Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill stairsIt takes about 15-40 minutes by foot to the top, depending on the route and how fast you want to walk. There are plenty of walking routes starting from either flank or the Buda side, but none from the side facing the river.
The best option is probably on the side of Gellért Hotel/Spa (left-hand side from the river). There are plenty of staircases offering a quick way straight to the top, but bear in mind that they’re also the most exhausting ones on a hot day.

Some stairs are steeper and some gentler. There are some resting/viewing points on the way, and the view is great.

The routes starting from the Buda Castle side (right-hand side from the river) are easier to walk. On a sunny day, there’s more shade from the trees as well. Obviously, however, it's a longer walk than via the stairs on the other side.

Many Hop-on hop-off buses stop very close to the Citadel on the top, just a few-minute walk from the parking lot. That's a good option, if you are going to take a sight-seeing tour anyway and don't want to walk the whole way to the top.

The bus line 27 goes pretty near to the top but not all the way, and there’s still about 500 meters of walking to do on a normal sidewalk. The nearest bus stop to the top is called Búsuló Juhász (Citadella).
That line isn't very convenient to most tourists, since it runs only on the Buda side. Another alternative is to take a metro to the Móricz Zsigmond körtér station (metro line 4) and take the bus 27 from there.

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