Vintgar gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Bled, Slovenia

Vintgar gorge in Bled SloveniaThe Vintgar gorge is not actually in Bled, it's in Gorje, but only four kilometers away from Bled.

It's about 1.6 km long gorge in River Radovna with a trail that is very easy and comfortable to walk on. The only steeper part is just after the trail ends, if you want to walk down to see the Šum waterfall (last picture in the gallery). The trail ends on top of that waterfall.

There is a ticket booth in both ends of the Vintgar gorge, it costs 5 Euros for adults to enter. You can also buy water etc. from there. And at the usual starting point (marked on the map) there is also a restaurant and a big parking lot. A smaller parking lot at the Šum waterfall.

The gorge is very popular among tourists and it's advisable to go there outside the peek hours. I was there on a Monday in early June, around 10.30-12.30, and it was still pretty quiet then, especially in the morning. Although it seems a little less crowded in the pictures, because I took breaks at times and waited for the people to pass.

The problem is, the path is sometimes so narrow that it can be hard for even two people to pass each other. And if there are 15 people coming from one way and 15 from the other, you can guess how that can be. So I wouldn't necessarily go there on a July weekend. And there can be a long line sometimes to even get a ticket and get in.

But if you can avoid the crowds, it is definitely a must go place!

How to get to the Vintgar gorge from Bled

Bus runs a few times daily between Bled and Vintgar gorge, the route is Bled-Vintgar:

A taxi costs about 15 Euros for one way.



Pictures were taken: June 2017

Information updated: June 2017