Ramla Beach in Gozo Malta



Malta's arid coast is mainly covered by cliffs and rocks, but occasionally you find those spots that beach holidays should be all about. The best sandy beaches of Malta are located in the north and northwestern parts of the island.

In the images below, you can see some grey seaweed piled up on shores, since these were taken in April 2018. Seaweed will be cleaned up before the summer months.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is the most northern beach of the three main beaches (Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Gnejna Bay) on the northwestern coast of Malta. It's located in the municipality of Mellieha. It's the most popular and the biggest beach of these three beaches.

There's a Radisson Spa Hotel right next to the beach and a selection of restaurants. Golden Bay Beach has also their own diving, snorkeling and water sports equipment rental office. The sea bottom at Golden Bay is between shallow and medium shallow.

You'll find a car park right behind the beach. You'll also find there an ice cream bar and basic services. The closest bus stop is 200 meters away and it's under the name Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Bus timetables you can check from the journey planner.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Ghajn Tuffieha

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay's beach is very close to Golden Bay, though not as busy as the Golden Bay Beach. You descend there by long stairs of over 100 steps. The services at the beach are limited to a deck chair hire and a snack bar for cold drinks and small bites.

The cliffs on both sides of Ghajn Tuffieha give you the feeling of a deserted island. The sea bottom there is very shallow for a good distance from the shore.

If you get bored of lying at the beach, there are nice trails on the top of the slope that lead towards Gnejna Bay. Between of Gnejna Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, you'll find a long cape with nice views to the surrounding area.

If you hike all the way to Gnejna Bay, you'll face a very steep downhill and warnings of falling rocks, so it's not advisable to walk there over the hills.

On the car park's side up, on the cliffs, you'll find the tower of Ghajn Tuffieha and ruins of an abandoned hotel. Next to the car park you'll find the bus stop: Riviera.

Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay is the most southern beach of the three main beaches and the least interesting one. The main reason for coming to Gnejna Bay instead of Golden Bay is probably to avoid crowds. The first two beaches are closer to each other than Gnejna Bay and they have more bus connections. There's only one bus line going to Gnejna Bay. The bus stop is called Gnejna.

Right behind the beach you have a car park and basic services, such as ice cream bars and water sports equipment hire office.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay beach is located in the northern end of Malta Isle, in a small cove on the opposite side of the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal.

You'll find basic services at the beach, including a restaurant. The closest bus stop is called Paradise. There's also a car park on top of the cliff, and to get to the beach you have to walk short stairs down.

The sea bottom gets deep quite quickly after a few meters.

Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay

The most popular and biggest beach in Malta is Mellieha Bay, which is also known as  Ghadira Bay. One kilometer long beach is divided into calmer and more active areas, where people can do water sports or other activities.

Mellieha works great for children, since the long bay is shallow and often very calm. In the image gallery pictures you see seaweed, which is cleaned up for the summer season.

There you'll have an excellent choice of services and there are several bus stops in the area. The mot central bus stop: Ghadira.

St George's Bay

St George's Bay

The location of St George's Bay is perfect for those who stay in St Julian's. The shopping complex Bay Street is only 100 meters away and Paceville with bars and restaurants just behind it. St George's Bay is also the closest beach for those who stay in Sliema or Valletta.

The beach isn't the best choice for children, since the sea bottom gets deep very quickly. Part of St George's Bay beach is dedicated for the customers of the Beach Club at InterContinental Hotel.

On the north side of the beach you'll find a sun chair and water sports equipment hire office.

Ramla Bay (Gozo)

Ramla Bay Beach Gozo

Ramla Bay is a golden sand stretch on Gozo island, located in the middle of nowhere. Yet you'll find a good selection of services. You can read more about it in the Gozo guide.

Other beaches in Malta

There are loads and loads of small coves around the island, but a couple of sandy beaches stand out from the rest; Little Armier Beach right on the north coast of the main island and Pretty Bay in the south in the area of Birżebbuġa.

The beach at the Blue Lagoon on Comino island has a small beach stretch, but the lagoon between the two islands is the thing why to go there. You can read more in the Comino guide.