Barcelona has an excellent selection of restaurants from 3-Michelin starred haute-cuisine restaurants to local corner bars that have made their Patatas Bravas with pride for decades. Catalonian kitchen is world-famous, thanks to celebrity chefs like Ferran Adrià and Carles Abellán, who have disrupted the world of cooking and inspired new generations of chefs to open paths for new style of Barcelonian cooking.

Some of the best restaurants in Barcelona are established by people whose roots are far away from Spain, people who've brought their traditional cooking recipes with them. You have pretty much all kitchens of the world represented in the city - Argentinian, Brazilian and Uruguayan steak houses serving delicious cuts of meat sizzling on the parrilla. You have Peruvian restaurants, honoring their traditional courses such as ceviché, and many other delicious courses.

Spanish and Catalonian kitchen

Spanish and Catalonian kitchens are very close to each other. Traditional recipes include ingredients from the land and the sea, often combined in one dish. Mar i Muntanya, translated the Sea and the Mountain, is one true classic dish of the Catalonian kitchen.

Tapas at as it simplest form can be a piece of bread or olives. Many of the traditional tapas courses come from Andalucia and when a wave of Andalucians migrated to Catalonia in search of labor, they brought their traditional recipes from their region. You'll find tapas, or tapes in Catalan, restaurants everywhere in Barcelona.

Tomato bread and Pimientos de Padrón
Tomato bread ( Pan con tomate or Pa amb tomàquet in Catalan) and Pimientos de Padrón are typical example of tapas.

Estimated dinner prices per one person:

  • € =  10-15 euros
  • €€ = 15-25 euros
  • €€€ = Over 25 euros
Tapas Tips
  • Tapas dishes are to be shared within whole party.
  • Before ordering, ask your waiter if the portions are big or small - you can always order more!
  • When you order tomato bread (pan amb tomaquet), you might get a whole clove of garlic and a whole tomato, which you are supposed rub against the toasted bread. It's easy to get confused!

Gate98 Favorite Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

  1. Tickets  (Sant Antoni) - Price level: €€€
    Albert Adrià's number one tapas bar in Barcelona combines fine dining and traditional tapas in a playful way surprising customers each night. A dinner in the 1-Michelin starred restaurant gives you an unforgettable experience. Remember to book your table in time as the restaurant tends to be fully booked up to 3 months onwards.
    Website: Tickets
  2. La Pepita (Gracia) - Price level: €€
    The relatively new tapas restaurant in the neighborhood of Gracia has become very popular among locals and tourists, thanks to delicious and creative portions of tapas. The vast menu includes old tapas classics and new fusion dishes. La Pepita doesn't take any table reservations - early birds will get a table, so be sure to be around at the opening time.
    Website: La Pepita
  3. Bar Calders (Sant Antoni) - Price level: €
    Cheap tapas, cheap drinks and quality food - Bar Calders is the Gate98 favorite tapas restaurant in whole Barcelona when it comes to price quality ratio. It might sometimes take some time before you get a busy waiter to attend you, but it's worth it. You'll find traditional and less traditional tapas on the menu. Fried potatoes drowned in Provolone cheese is a sin, but you only live once. The patio outside creates a nice setting for a memorable dinner. No table reservations, so better to be early or ready to queue for a table for some time.
    Website: Bar Calders
  4. La Taverna del Clinic (Eixample Left) - Price level: €€€
    In a very residential area, next to Hospital Clinic, you find the Taverna del Clinic that serves modern tapas dishes in a sophisticated environment - sommelier, white tablecloth and symmetrically placed cutlery. The food is exquisite and service excellent. Their wine collection is one of the biggest in Barcelona.
    Website: La Taverna del Clinic
  5. Lolita Taperia (Sant Antoni) - Price level: €€
    Former hit restaurant Inopia from Albert Adrià turned into Lolita Taperia, when Albert left the bar to his associate Joan Martinez' hands. The laid-back corner bar feeling and the quality of food remained. You'll find a great mix of traditional and modern tapas on the menu and remember to ask for the daily specials.
    Website: Lolita Taperia
Paella Tips
  • Paella dishes are often served for minimum 2 persons, which is indicated on the menu.
  • Prawns and clams come in shells in paella dishes - if you don't like get your hands messy, look for dishes called "al senyoret" or "pelats/pelados" where seafood comes peeled.

Gate98 Favorite Paella Restaurants in Barcelona

  1. 7 Portes (Barceloneta) - Price level: €€
    The restaurant 7 Portes is one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona, operating as a restaurant since 1929 and as a cafe since 1836. Decor and personnel inside radiate old world charm - wood on the ceiling, large mirrors on the walls and waiters dressed in white coats.
    Website: 7 Portes
  2. La Barca del Salamanca (Vila Olimpica) - Price level: €€
    The restaurant La Barca del Salamanca is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Barcelona, serving quality seafood and quality meat down in the Olympic port. The atmosphere in the restaurant is vibrant -  you hear constant jabber from the countless tables and clatter of cutlery on plates, when waiters collect tables for new customers to start their feast. The surroundings at Olympic harbor are very charming, especially, when the weather allows you to sit on the outside terrace.
    Website: La Barca del Salamanca
  3. La Mar Salada (Barceloneta) - Price level: €€
    On the Passeig Joan de Borbó street in Barceloneta, you find the great seafood restaurant La Mar Salada, where classic dishes are prepared in a more creative way than in more traditional paella restaurants, thanks to their head chef  Marc Singla, whose background is in the famous elBulli restaurant.
    Website: La Mar Salada
  4. Pez Vela (Barceloneta) - Price level: €€-€€€
    Right in front the beach line, next to W Hotel in Barceloneta, Pez Vela Chiringuito has a compact menu but great quality. Pez Vela suits better for a laid back lunch at the beach than a long dinner. Sipping great cocktails in the relaxed atmosphere of Pez Vela while looking at the sea guarantees you get into the holiday spirit.
    Website: Pez Vela
Daily Set Menu Tips (Menú del día)
  • Daily Set Menu offers are normally valid only on weekdays and approximately between 1pm-4pm.
  • Many restaurants don't automatically offer you the "menú del día" but give you the À la carte instead. Don't be ashamed to ask for the daily menu.
  • A drink is sometimes included in the menu offer, remember to check that.

Gate98 Favorite Daily Set Menu Restaurants in Barcelona

  1. La Mano Rota (Poble Sec) - Price level: €€
    The fusion restaurant La Mano Rota combines different cuisines into beautifully crafted dishes. Daily set menu on weekdays gives you a close-to-fine-dining experience for a good bargain. A dinner at La Mano Rota is also recommended but you have to pay significantly more.
    Website: La Mano Rota
  2. Agut (Gòtic) - Price level: €€
    Classically furnished restaurant Agut in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona is one of the most well-known Catalonian restaurants in Barcelona. They serve traditional dishes with great quality and very reasonable price.
    Address: Carrer d'en Gignàs, 16
  3. NAP (Born & Barceloneta) - Price level: €
    Who wouldn't like to have a delicious pizza for a lunch every now and then, even on a holiday. NAP stands for Neapolitan Authentic Pizza and that's exactly what it is. Fresh and simple ingredients come out as delicious pizzas from their impressive wood oven. They have two locations in Barcelona - Born and Barceloneta.
    Website: NAP
  4. Au Port de la Lune (Eixample Right) - Price level: €€
    This restaurant tends to divide people either to loving it or hating it. Au Port de la Lune serves very authentic French bistro dishes in the heart of Barcelona. "We serve no coca-cola and never will" and similar type of paintings might sound a bit cocky.. and it is.. but the service is warm and the food is excellent. These types of classic French dishes are hard to find these days, especially in Barcelona. They serve a cheaper option of daily set menu and a more expensive one.
    Website: Au Port de la Lune
Vegetarian tips
  • Remember to be careful that you're actually getting a veggie dish, since for some restaurants in Barcelona, a dish where the main part consist of something non-meat, it qualifies as vegetarian.

Gate98 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

  1. Teresa Carles (Raval) - Price level: €€
    The restaurant carries its founder's name Teresa Carles, who is a pioneer in Spanish Vegetarian cooking, starting her business already in 1979. The carefully elaborated recipes that have been refined over 30 years are exquisite. They also serve great daily set menu for good bargain.
    Website: Teresa Carles
  2. Flax & Kale (Raval & Born) - Price level: €€
    The Flax & Kale became a success right after the opening. The restaurant is also owned by Teresa Carles and follows the recipes organic vegetarian food concept. Flax & Kale is also a popular breakfast & brunch place.
    Website: Flax & Kale
  3. Biocenter (Raval) - Price level: €€
    Biocenter has been serving vegetarian dishes from 1980's, being one of the first veggie restaurants in town. They have very reasonable prices and delicious dishes. They also offer daily set menu from Monday to Friday.
    Website: Biocenter
Breakfast & Brunch Tips
  • The heavier brunch has become a big hit in Barcelona during recent years, the traditional local breakfast is very light and consists of a muffin, a donut or a toasted bread.
  • Instead of using butter, sandwiches are more often filled with squashed tomato "con tomate".
  • Useful vocabulary for ordering breakfast in Spanish in Barcelona:
    Bikini = Toast with ham and cheese
    Flauta = "Flute" slim baguette shaped sandwich with ham, cheese or any other topping
    Bocata = Sandwich, baguette with toppings
    Magdalena = Muffin
    Queso = Cheese
    Jamón = Cured ham
    Jamón York = Ham

Gate98 Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Restaurants in Barcelona

  1. Brunch & Cake (Raval, Eixample Left & Barceloneta) - Price level: €€
    The first Brunch & Cake was opened on Enric Granados, where it was almost instantly became a success, along with the brunch boom in Barcelona. Their fresh look, hand-made, mainly healthy and fresh products guarantee that they're fully booked by mid-day so it's better to be close opening time at the spot. They have a nice a variety of sweet and savory dishes and a versatile smoothie menu.
    Website: Brunch & Cake
  2. Milk (Gòtic) - Price level: €€
    Milk in Gothic Quarter is a great place for a steady breakfast or a brunch after a long night out. It was one of the first places to create the brunch culture in Barcelona, which today lives stronger than ever. They serve  hearty dishes such as Eggs Benedict, Fry Up and Huevos Rancheros, which is a heavy breakfast made for Mexican farmers. They do also brunch designated cocktails like Kir Royal and Bloody Mary. Milk gets filled up quickly so you might need to queue for a while to get a table.
    Website: Milk
  3. The Benedict (Gòtic) - Price level: €€
    It's located right next to Milk, so it's a great alternative if Milk is full. You can reserve a table in The Benedict, which is recommendable on weekends. Their menu is very similar to Milk's - The Eggs Benedict here are to die for!
    Website: The Benedict
  4. Marmalade (Raval) - Price level: €€
    Marmalade is a sister restaurant to Milk and they share pretty much the same menu. It might be easier to go to Marmalade instead of Milk, if you stay on that side of city center. Marmalade is also bigger than Milk and you tend to get a table quicker there.
    Website: Marmalade
  5. Copasetic (Eixample Left) - Price level: €€
    Copasetic is located in a pretty quiet area between Sant Antoni and Eixample Left. They serve hearty breakfast options, which you can combine to smoothies or cocktails. Their breakfast combos include a choice of English, Greek or French style breakfast that makes you decision a bit easier.
    Website: Copasetic