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Winters are for skiing in the Alps, and summers are for enjoying Vienna, right? Not necessarily. Many Austrian destinations offer way more versatility than you’d expect.

In fact, the cultural selection of Vienna is vast all year round. And the versatility of Alpine villages tends to increase towards summer.

About Austria

Austria is covered by mountains for the most part, and the largest cities, Salzburg, Linz, Vienna and Graz are situated at the foot of a mountain. The center of the western parts of Austria is Innsbruck, which is encircled by small, picturesque Alpine villages, often also by a lake. The best known such villages include Hallstadt, Zell am See and Schladming.

The wine areas of the country are to be found in the eastern parts of the country around Vienna and Graz. It is easy to take on day trips to vineyards from both cities. There’s significant wine production even within the city boundaries of Vienna.

Population8,8 million
EU countryYes
Schengen countryYes
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The winters are colder and sunnier with more snow in the Alps compared to the northern and eastern parts of the country. Summers are warmer and sunnier outside the mountains. It rains a lot in the mountains in the summertime.

The price level in Austria is higher than the European average, but nowhere near the levels of the most expensive European destinations.

Austria is mostly a safe country for traveling, but general safety measures against, for example, pickpockets is recommended especially in the biggest cities. In summer, you should prepare yourself against ticks in the Alps. In winter, pay attention to warnings concerning avalanches. European avalanche warnings can be followed here:

Map of Austria

Destinations in Austria

Graz is a busy university city and the second largest city in Austria. The advantages of the city include the sympathetic historic center and the cozy Castle Hill right next to it.

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Klagenfurt in an idyllic town next to an Alpine lake. Common to central Europe, the streets in the center are pedestrian friendly, and most attractions are concentrated within a small area. The Alpine lake, Wörthersee, is situated a short bus ride or even a walk away from the center. On the part closest to Klagenfurt, there’s a built-in bathing area within the lake and other family friendly activities on offer.

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Vienna is a convenient destination. Due to its compact center, the key attractions can be visited in one day. On the other hand, there’s enough to do for weeks if you have a lot of time on your hands.

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