About the site

Gate98 was originally meant to be an image gallery of different European holiday destinations with short descriptions of the origins of the images. Along the way, we decided to go deeper and start giving travel tips besides the images.

Gate98 tries to give honest opinions about the destinations from our own perspective. We try to give information that would serve our own purposes when planning our holidays. All the destinations introduced on this site have been visited by us.

About us

We are two brothers from Finland sharing a great interest in travelling. We are building this site in our spare time along our other jobs, which is why our destination selection isn't that extensive, yet.

We are very open to all kinds of tips and feedback from you. And we surely won’t be offended, if your opinions are completely different from ours. We hope this site helps you with your holiday planning. We strive to develop the site further.


Yours sincerely, 

Jussi & Ville Ryynänen