Find the right holiday destination for you

Beach Holidays

There’s no better way to cool off and recharge your batteries than going on a relaxing beach holiday. The Mediterranean Sea offers charming locations from the pebble stone beaches of Croatia to the fine sands of Costa Dorada in Spain, not forgetting the white sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea.

City Breaks

The city breaks are about seizing the moment and doing what you see fit. Explore the streets, parks and museums until you’re tapped out, or sit down at a cafe and watch the world go by. Enjoy unforgettable culinary treats, or shop till you drop in the Europe's hot spots and bring home the latest fashion trends.

Nature Trips

Europe's versatile nature is ready to blow your mind with its astonishing miracles, from the turquoise waters of the Vintgar gorge near Lake Bled in Slovenia, to the violently erupting Strokkur of the Golden Circle in Iceland. Find the right spot for your retreat and witness the wonders of Mother Nature.

Bubbling Under

Are you looking for a holiday escape with some peace and quiet? Believe it or not, there are still plenty of beautiful European destinations remaining a secret from the tourist masses. We strive to bring you fresh ideas of such destinations, where tourism is still young and McDonald’s unheard of.

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